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Analyst, Consultant and Manager

Marketing / Innovation / Foresight

Focusing on Good Governance

Creative > Inclusive > Human Centered

In a large array of sectors:
Architecture / Arts / Craft Industry / Defense / Engineering / Event / Fashion / Food & Beverages / Fragrances / Graphic Design / Heritage / Hospitality / Industrial Design / Interior Design / Jewelry / Literature / Motorsport / Music / Real Estate / Security / Sports / ...

Julie Brunel in Verrewinkel woods, 2020
© Bernd Lüttgerding

Julie Brunel

By Sofie Crabbé, Curator and Writer

“Motivational cultural initiatives facilitator, Julie Brunel (born in 1979, Vaison-la-Romaine, France, works and lives in Brussels) was the founder and art director of Studiogarden Verrewinkel innovation residency when we met the first time. She is also a self-employed marketing and innovation consultant, working with high-fidelity clients and users whom she helps expand both their skills and ecosystem, as well as create added value. She combines the best of both the marketing and the creative world, which makes her an ideal bridge-builder. Based on a process-oriented approach, tailored to the needs of the clients, Brunel mentors with integrity, guiding to broaden and deepen the development of their ideas, strengths and project(s), and promotes creative concern.”