Stahly Study

Crestet, Vaucluse, France

August 2021—May 2022
François Stahly house
© Julie Brunel

Relaunch of an Art residency in the brutalist house of the sculptor François Stahly (1911-2006) and his family.

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Studiogarden Verrewinkel

Uccle, Brussels, Belgium

November 2018—August 2021
Olivier Strebelle house
© Julie Brunel

Launching an international residence for art, creation and innovation, in the modernist house-cum-studio and gardens of sculptor and ceramicist Olivier Strebelle (1927-2017).

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Jacques Dupuis Valorisation


Since 1997
Le Parador house
© Marie-Françoise Plissart

Promoting the work of the modernist architect and designer Jacques Dupuis (1914-1984).

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