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Studiogarden Verrewinkel

Uccle, Brussels, Belgium

November 2018—August 2021
Main studio and bamboos
© Julie Brunel
Exposure overlooking the garden
© Julie Brunel


Launching an international residence for art, creation, innovation and foresight, in the Modernist house-cum-studio and gardens of sculptor and ceramicist Olivier Strebelle (1927-2017)

Studiogarden Verrewinkel logo


Teaming up with inspirational experts

— Market study and activation plan.

— Legal, organizational, marketing and hospitality framework.

— Project and community daily management.

— Risk assessment.

— Open access policy.

— Set up of Expert Committee for the selection of candidates.

— Conservation and preservation plan management.

— Fauna-flora-fungus program (synergistic).

— Three-year program to rehabilitate the gardens.

— Residents follow-up.

— Organization of events and guided tours.

— Curation and organization of exhibitions of the residents' work.

— Bozar and Artonov partnerships.

— Art collection management.

— Reporting to the Board.

— Leading diverse and multicultural team in complex environments.

— Applying ESG policy.

First studio with Glinster work by Cliff Chan and Quentin Carnaille
© Julie Brunel
Residents' area
© Julie Brunel

Studiogarden Verrewinkel (aka SGV), is an unplugged artist-in-residency that provides creative people with an inspiring and stimulating experience. Established in November 2018 and launched in April 2019, SGV is a hideaway housed in the singular Modernist house-cum-studio, on the border between the Brussels municipality of Uccle and Linkebeek. This function fulfills Strebelle's wish of opening the house to creative people after his decease.

Foresight, art, design, literature, music, innovation professionals are welcomed via open call. Foresight and creativity are the twin activities of Studiogarden Verrewinkel, where innovation managers, anticipation and heritage professionals, artists and creative people voluntarily confine themselves for the time needed to develop thoughts and projects. Since 2021, Studiogarden Verrewinkel is a “white spot”, a place with no digital connectivity. SGV has also strong eco-credentials, adheres to the cradle-to-cradle principle, and uses specific products that have a zero or even a positive impact on the environment.

Composer Ludovic Landolt in the Verrewinkel woods
© Julie Brunel
Designer Frédérique Ficheroulle in the main studio with Director Julie Brunel
© Julie Brunel
Writer Isobel Markus
© Julie Brunel
Designer Céline Gauthier in the main studio
© Julie Brunel

Main Exhibitions


With Bernd Lüttgerding / Marion Dutoit

ALLEIN IM WALD (October 2020)

With Julia Stehling / Catherine Maria Chapel / Charlotte Delleur

Welcome (September 2019)

With Cliff Chan / Quentin Carnaille / Étienne Fleury / Céline Gauthier

© Julie Brunel
Bernd Lüttgerding smoking
© Julie Brunel

SGV Community

26 professionals welcomed and hosted in 2019, 2020 and 2021
Anna Pia Jordan-Bertinelli
Anne Goy
Bernd Lüttgerding
Camille Orlandini
Catherine Maria Chapel
Céline Gauthier
Chad Keveny
Charlotte Delleur
Cliff Chan
Étienne Fleury
Eve-Lise Kern
Félicien Umbreit
Filiz Özcelik
Frédérique Ficheroulle
Isobel Markus
Ivanne Boucaut
Jacques-Marie Ligot
Jean-Baptiste Colleuille
Julia Stehling
Ludovic Landolt
Macha Ovtchinnikova
Marion Dutoit
Monique Large
Nele Tas
Pascal Henrard
Quentin Carnaille

Artistic Committee Experts

Bernd Lüttgerding, Poet and Writer — Julie Brunel, Heritage and Foresight Consultant, Studiogarden Verrewinkel Founder and Director — Julie Vandenbroucke, Founder and President at Arteconomy — Louise Renaud, Interior Designer, Visual Artist — Pascal Witmeur, Marketing Consultant — Pierre Bouchat, Art Historian (Ph.D.C. Certa-UCLouvain), Auction Art Appraiser, Founder at Stanley's auction — Sophie Roose, General Secretary & Coordinator at IACCCA, Director at Galerie de la Béraudière.

Crew and Assistants

Adnan — Anas — Bilal — Emma — Hossein — Mohamed — Nacim — Sami — Yassine.

Bernd Lüttgerding

German Writer Bernd Lüttgerding (born in 1973, Peine, Germany, works and lives in Brussels) is the SGV co-initiator, member of the Artistic Committee, and a permanent resident. His stay allowed him to develop his writing and painting practice. Two of his poem collections have been published: Stäubungen (2017) and Der rote Fuchs (2019). His debut novel Gesang vor Türen appeared in the autumn of 2020. Lüttgerding's poetry and prose demonstrate a playful handling of language and classical form. His linguistic style is self-conscious; his themes mix humor and abysmal seriousness.

Julie Brunel and Bernd Lüttgerding with Marion Dutoit work
© Frédéric Ducout Photography
Dancers for Jacques-Marie Ligot residency, Artists in Architecture | Bozar Brussels program
© Antoine Espinasseau
Inside Olivier Strebelle house
© Julie Brunel
Performance at Bozar by Jacques-Marie Ligot, Artists in Architecture | Bozar Brussels program
© Julie Brunel
Bernd Lüttgerding and Julie Brunel
© Marie-Françoise Plissart
Visitors during Allein Im Wald exhibition
© Julie Brunel
Work by Charlotte Delleur
Allein Im Wald exhibition
© Marjolaine Abaléa